Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Professor Science Kits

One purchase from Convention which I am excited about is the Little Professor Science Kits from the Academy of Science for Kids. As I mentioned in my purchase post, the price of these kits caused me to hesitate. These kits run for $95 plus shipping and because of their size the shipping runs 15-20$. So why would I take the leap for these kits....

*No shipping at convention, even for the one that was not produced yet and they had to mail later.

* Just Add Water. That is it. No looking for cups, beakers, markers or crayons... everything you need for each experiment is included in the box. I love that!

*Each experiment is placed in a labeled baggie... I don't even have to dig through the box for the needed supplies. Talk about making it easy. Thank you!

*Besides supplies the box includes a journal with instructions and lab space, a small science fair display board, online assessment and credits you can earn to trade for science merchandise .

*A year subscription to Discovery Education!!! We do not belong to anything that gives us access to they pay areas of this amazing site. I have wanted to get a subscription for years but could not justify $265. For $95, I got a years subscription plus the kit. That is what really sold me.

The two kits I purchases were Matter and Food Science.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Books: Seedfolks

I read this lovely little book today while G worked on his school work. It is so simple and sweet. You could use it to study immigration, community, gardening, urban area, first person... Each chapter is written in the voice of a person in a Cleveland neighborhood. It is a depressed, drug ridden area. One day a girl plants a few lima beans in a vacant lot in remembrance of her deceased father. This small act causes a ripple effect resulting a huge community garden. I enjoyed this book so much and G was amazed that I could finish it before he finished his work.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It amazes me how much G enjoys this book. He asks for it to be read and applies what we have covered to other areas of school. You can buy a copy of this 1877 book from Amazon and other retailers as well as read it online at Google Books. I would like to thank Jessica, whoever you are, for creating worksheets to go with each chapter. You can find those sheets here.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Convention 2011:Purchases

I did not need a lot of new curriculum this year, we are going to be straddling years with what we have on hand. So I took this years convention as a chance to find some fun learning items.

We really enjoy the Opal Wheeler composer series. We are reading Bach right now and G is learning one of the included Minuets in piano lesson. I chose Brahms and Schubert to compliment our Story of the World studies.

I always stock up on Jim Weiss Cds that will enhance our history study.

We purchased these stop motion movies from the homeschool creators. I hope they will give G some new ideas.
I have had this book wish listed on Amazon for quite a while. I opened it up and really think it will be some real world fun. Zaccaro was the only speaker I wanted to see that I didn't get to this year.
I hope these EMA board games are as fun as they look... if not now them they will be a great resource later.
Daddy had never seen one of these chess sets... he wanted this more than G. giggle

I thought this simple game looked really fun but was worried G wouldn't think so. I was so wrong. He enjoyed it as soon as the vendor taught him how to play.

G loves look and find puzzles... this game fills that love.
Another game I hope it is as fun as it looks. I got it on good authority that it is great family fun.

The price tag of this science kit really threw me off but the benefits won me over. Won me over so much I actually bought 2! I plan on doing a post just on this product soon.

A bag full of OOOHS and AHHHHHS! We are putting up the chemistry text for the rest of the year and using this kit. 70 experiments! This one gets it's own post too. I got a great convention deal from Timberdoodle for $25!

Batter Up 2011