Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are We Done Yet?

Hmmm , It's that time of year. G is ready to be done but I think that is because he hears everyone else talking about school being over. What he doesn't realize is that all of those days we "unschooled" put us behind in our traditional work. What is driving me crazy is that old habits die hard and I cannot get over the fact that we are not close to being done with our texts. Curse you Public Education Habits!!!! I try to talk myself into understanding that even though we are not even 1/2 way through the math text it is OK since we skipped the "kindergarten" curriculum and it is a mastery program. And we were done with state standards in October. But it is NOT WORKING!! I'm not listening!!! The STRESS!!!

I think the stress is compounded by the fact that I am in planning mode for next year. Ugh. Planning is my favorite thing and about the only thing I miss about teaching PS. But usually you are done with one year before you start the next. LOL

Here are the subjects and resources I am considering... if we ever finish.....

  • see History
Language Arts
  • Animals
  • Human Body
  • Plants
Nature Study

1st Recital

G had his first piano recital this weekend. It was informal, the children played at lunchtime at a local Senior Home. We were proud of his playing as he has only been taking lessons for a month. He played Old MacDonald Had a Note, Merrily We Roll Along, and Men from Mars.

Summer Cooking Camp

My friend, School for Us, just posted about Kids Cooking Camp online. This sounded so great to me that I signed G up right away. Below is the info from the site.

Our Kids Cooking Camp is perfect for summer time and gives kids a great opportunity to get involved in the kitchen. It is also a great time of year to start our Kids Cooking Lessons that is an age appropriate and fun cooking curriculum.

We've put together a whole kids cooking summer camp curriculum for you. You can do this program with 1 kid or gather a group of friends for a weekly cooking experience.

Older Chefs Kids Cooking Program

For older chefs we've planned a Dinner Club. Each week you will receive a dinner menu to prepare for your family or friends and a cooking emphasis, such as etiquette, manners, table setting and more.

Younger Chefs Kids Cooking Curriculum

Younger chefs can enjoy our cooking and reading summer program. Each week you will receive a book title(s) and a few recipes to create that go with the book.

Kids Cooking Camp Program

Sign up for our Kids Cooking Activities free summer kids cooking camp and once a week, for 7 weeks, you will receive in your email box a new kids cooking lesson plan that will include both older and younger chef's programs.

Or you can download their PDF ebook for $5.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day at the Museum

We spent a lovely afternoon at a small, local children's museum. We had never been before and surprisingly had the whole venue to ourselves! It was empty after hosting 150 schoolchildren that morning. What Luck. We explored every exhibit, hammed it up for photos, and spent quality, unrushed time at the traveling Chagall show. Wonderful!!

A giant ant in an anthill

Bats in the bat cave.

Being carried away by a baby Woolly Mammoth.

I decided to purchase a membership because the museum is a part of the ASTC Reciprocal Program. Our membership will allow us entry into other science centers all over the world. My goal is to use it when we go to Florida this fall. Our zoo membership is also a part of the AZA's program so we will get into our favorite Mote Aquarium for free when we go.

More Birds

We are having such a great time watching birds in our yard! We really love our window feeder.

Baby Mourning Dove
(What great camouflage)

Marble Painting

In April I taught a couple of art classes for our Keepers group. I posted about bubble painting which did not work out at all so instead we Marble Painted. It was WONDERFUL! The kids loved it and it produced a frame-worthy piece of art.

Drop 3 marbles in 3 different color paint.
We used primaries as this is what we had been studying.
Place paint covered marbles on paper inside a shallow box.
Then shake, rattle , & roll!