Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are We Done Yet?

Hmmm , It's that time of year. G is ready to be done but I think that is because he hears everyone else talking about school being over. What he doesn't realize is that all of those days we "unschooled" put us behind in our traditional work. What is driving me crazy is that old habits die hard and I cannot get over the fact that we are not close to being done with our texts. Curse you Public Education Habits!!!! I try to talk myself into understanding that even though we are not even 1/2 way through the math text it is OK since we skipped the "kindergarten" curriculum and it is a mastery program. And we were done with state standards in October. But it is NOT WORKING!! I'm not listening!!! The STRESS!!!

I think the stress is compounded by the fact that I am in planning mode for next year. Ugh. Planning is my favorite thing and about the only thing I miss about teaching PS. But usually you are done with one year before you start the next. LOL

Here are the subjects and resources I am considering... if we ever finish.....

  • see History
Language Arts
  • Animals
  • Human Body
  • Plants
Nature Study


Piseco said...

Your list looks very familiar! We're also about halfway through Alpha with Beta waiting in the wings... following along with Author Fiesta (though I haven't been posting about it)... starting SOTW 1 next year... hoping to cover animals, plants and the human body for science... :D

School for Us said...

When I'm unsure whether we should continue or break (or whatever), I've learned to talk to God first and then my husband. I'm always surprised that my husband says "take the summer off!" even though he knows how many days we didn't do school... traveling, illness, etc. I don't know what you should do, but remember how young your son is and how long you'll have with him... and how "short" too!

We're breaking after next week, and might even break after Tuesday next week. We plan on doing some "fun school" this summer, but I really don't know how much we'll do.

Sherri said...

I'm the same as you in that it doesn't how much people tell me that we don't have to finish our stuff or stay on track, I have to finish what I plan. Because my kids started out in the public school, I told myself that they would always have the same summer vacation that they had in the school system. I also love to it. I spend the summer planning for the next year. My daughter didn't get through her math. I'm trying to decide if I want to fit it into next year, or do a little this summer and finish it.
Good luck getting to your stopping point!