Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Day at the Museum

We spent a lovely afternoon at a small, local children's museum. We had never been before and surprisingly had the whole venue to ourselves! It was empty after hosting 150 schoolchildren that morning. What Luck. We explored every exhibit, hammed it up for photos, and spent quality, unrushed time at the traveling Chagall show. Wonderful!!

A giant ant in an anthill

Bats in the bat cave.

Being carried away by a baby Woolly Mammoth.

I decided to purchase a membership because the museum is a part of the ASTC Reciprocal Program. Our membership will allow us entry into other science centers all over the world. My goal is to use it when we go to Florida this fall. Our zoo membership is also a part of the AZA's program so we will get into our favorite Mote Aquarium for free when we go.


School for Us said...

Oh, what a neat looking place! Hope you enjoyed the Chagall exhibit. We loved it! And, we, too, love having memberships to both a zoo and a museum with recipricol priveleges. We use them when we travel!

jennybell said...

Ditto on the reciprocal zoo memberships (our local one is Louisville KY), but even when we don't have reciprocity we always try to visit a local zoo when we travel. Our favorite recent zoos have been Atlanta and Palm Beach FL.

Sherri said...

Cool museum!!

Makita said...

What a great museum!

Our county library system hosts a county-wide 'book club' each April/May whereby everyone reads the same book and participates in a variety of related activities associated with the book (concerts, movies, book talks w/the author, food tasting, even a kite fighting demo when we all read The Kite Runner). This year's book was The World to Come by Dara Horn. It is based around a painting by Chagall and there were some art related activities. However, nothing like what the museum you explored offers. I would love to see that exhibit... very hands-on & interactive! Fun!