Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer Cooking Camp

My friend, School for Us, just posted about Kids Cooking Camp online. This sounded so great to me that I signed G up right away. Below is the info from the site.

Our Kids Cooking Camp is perfect for summer time and gives kids a great opportunity to get involved in the kitchen. It is also a great time of year to start our Kids Cooking Lessons that is an age appropriate and fun cooking curriculum.

We've put together a whole kids cooking summer camp curriculum for you. You can do this program with 1 kid or gather a group of friends for a weekly cooking experience.

Older Chefs Kids Cooking Program

For older chefs we've planned a Dinner Club. Each week you will receive a dinner menu to prepare for your family or friends and a cooking emphasis, such as etiquette, manners, table setting and more.

Younger Chefs Kids Cooking Curriculum

Younger chefs can enjoy our cooking and reading summer program. Each week you will receive a book title(s) and a few recipes to create that go with the book.

Kids Cooking Camp Program

Sign up for our Kids Cooking Activities free summer kids cooking camp and once a week, for 7 weeks, you will receive in your email box a new kids cooking lesson plan that will include both older and younger chef's programs.

Or you can download their PDF ebook for $5.

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School for Us said...

Hope you have fun with this! I'm not big on chicken salad, but I think we'll make it early next week to do "lesson #1." And, the dessert looks great!