Thursday, May 17, 2007

Reading Meme

Dana tagged me for this reading meme a few days ago. It has brought to my attention that I am reading NOTHING for myself. As soon as I was tagged I ran upstairs to my bedside table just to double check.. maybe I was reading something and simply forgot. Nope, nothing. I have shelves of books waiting to be read but do not devote (schedule) the time to pick them up. My only personal reading currently consists of blogs and Yahoo groups. This is so disheartening because I love to read which was not always true... I didn't read a book for pleasure until I graduated college. btw (Sydney Sheldon- Windmills of the Gods)

So I have no titles to add today but Summer Reading at our local library starts in a couple of weeks and I have to read five books in order to win my prize book. I will post an update when I have my stack. Today I will show you what we're reading for.


nina said...

I discovered the same thing a while ago and decided to do the Spring Reading Thing. There is a button on my blog and my reading list is under it.

I have actually read almost all the books on my modest list. I have one classic that will probably spill over to the Summer challenge. I look forward to seeing your Summer list. I hope it is good prize. :)

playingschool said...

I don't remember if I wrote it on my blog, but I actually STARTED a book so I could record it on the meme. I, too, LOVE to read, but most of my readings is blogs and yahoo groups and readings for my dd. We need to have some fun ourselves, too. Hope you get to read this summer!