Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thanksgiving Lapbook

We finished our Thanksgiving lapbook this week. I am very proud of what G grasped from our study... it is a great base for future knowledge.

Resource Update: I thought I would add the links I did not include in my original resource post.
Cover Pilgrims & Indians
I Am Thankful Mini Book
The First Thanksgiving Mini Book
Circle Pilgrim
Pilgrim Pilgrim book
My Pilgrim Counting Book


Sherri said...

That looks really, really great!

Anonymous said...

Awesome and Wow! We are still reading a Thanksgiving book I received via Paperbackswap after the holiday. I'm going to bookmard this for next year. I don't think Citcat could do the writing but the rest is wonderful.

Teacher of One said...

I did all of the writing.
G orally narrated all of it to me little by little after we read each book or watched a video.