Monday, June 16, 2008

We're Goin' to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

Our zoo membership is about up and since we are not going to renew it, in favor of a zoo that is a part of the AZA reciprocal program,we went to check out the new exhibits. We saw the Butterfly exhibit... MAGICAL!!!! The Koala Exhibit... yawn. Did you know they sleep a lot. The biggest surprise of the day was when we went into the remodeled Ocean building and found a SHARK PETTING POOL!! It was so cool. Have you ever heard of spyhopping? Spyhopping is the act of coming out of the water vertically, and momentarily staying out of the water in a manner akin to a human treading water. A powerful individual can spyhop as much as half of its body out of the water. Spyhops may well be used so that the shark can examine its surroundings above the surface—for instance to look at prey. One of the babies was so high up on it's tail fin it hit it's head on the sign in the water. We'd never seen such a thing before. Over all a great day at the zoo!


School for Us said...

What a neat day at the zoo! A shark-petting zoo, cool! And, I understand about the recipricol membership - they're worth it! We recently used ours on our trip to St. Louis.

Anonymous said...

I so wish we could have met up at the zoo before we moved from Indiana. If you ever come to Seattle we can go to the Woodland Park Zoo. We have a membership and we never seem to use our free passes. ;)