Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to Our Class er Corner

Because my house still looks like this.....

Our classroom looks like this.....
That's my dining room table BEHIND the couch. Covered with paintings and things from the gutted rooms. (eyes rolling)

My awesome little bookshelf I got for $6 at CVS!
Which is filled with books the G should be able to read now or very soon. Most of them are from the Library. I found a great Bibliography at Houghton Mifflin and checked out all the below and on level books my library had. (When at the link... click on grade level, then click a theme, bibliography, Go)

I only have room for one of my white boards right now. And I switch between the Science board and a World Map as we need them. Below are some close-ups of the tasks on the board.

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School for Us said...

I love your school corner. :-) We don't have a school room, so ours looks almost like yours all the time!