Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Learning Notes:February 2

Not a great pic but G was excited that we are done with timed tests for now!!
Chuckie Cheese here we come.

Math- Fact Families
Power Point- Scooby,
Worksheets Fact families
Online- Fact Families, Leon's Dojo
MUS- Ch 1 & 2

Phonics-Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading lessons 189- 196
Read Aloud-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

History- Greece
Story of the World Ch 23- Greek Gods
Video- Disney Hercules, The Odyssey
Audio- Greek Myths
Read Alouds- Greek Myths, Hercules, Pandora, Greek Gods & Godesses
Maps- Chapters 23

Science- Human Body: Muscles
Word of the Week- Involuntary Muscles
Craft- Hand Muscles
Online- e-Learning for Kids: Muscles
You Tube- Skinned Muscleman


School for Us said...

I really am enjoying the body you and your son are making.

And, thanks for the tip about Seurat. And, I look forward to reading posts about your American artists classes!

School for Us said...

I had to stop by and thank you again - this time for the tip about the Animaniacs video about the presidents. My daughter LOVED it and was laughing so hard. Thanks! :-)

Teacher of One said...

Your so welcome! That's what friends are for.

Mrs. G. said...

Oh what serious fun. You are going to have to order a chocolate brain!