Monday, December 20, 2010

Games Games Games

I just wanted to share a couple of new games that we are really enjoying.

1. Numbers League

Rainbow Resources had a free shipping special last week so I looked into a couple of math games. I bought Equate... which I don't think will be "please please can we play it!" type game but I hope it makes math practice a bit less torturous. The other game was Numbers League: an Adventure in Addiplication. Your goal is to create a team of super heroes to capture villains. G loves it! It's not even like doing math! he said. LOL I was really impressed with how his mental math improved after a few rounds.

2. Lego Harry Potter
We are a fan of the new build it yourself Lego Game boards. First we got Minotaurus this summer, which we play often. Then for Christmas, we've been having family parties for 2 weeks now, G got the Harry Potter version. It is a bit more difficult to build initially but it all stays together when you are finished. I always imagine those stair cases moving on me when I read the books and daydream... well here they do.

What are you playing in school this winter?


MamaGames said...

Ooh, I think KarateKid would love Numbers League! I'll have to look into that.

He has cycled back around to Mythmatical Battles and we play a long game every day or two. We've been working on spelling (oddly, a big struggle for him even though he's a fabulous reader) and so he and I have just started playing grown-up Boggle.

He also received the HP Lego game for the holidays this past weekend but we have been too busy to build it yet - hopefully today! :)

Teacher of One said...

I forgot about Mythmatical Battles or I would have ordered it too.