Friday, April 27, 2007

Bargains Galore

I enjoy seeing the bargains that other Homeschoolers find. So when I hit the jackpot this week I just had to share.

Our local library has an ongoing book sale in the lobby to raise funds. I usually just walk on by unless something catches my attention. On a recent visit a sign was posted stating that for the month of April everything was a DIME. So I thought I would look things over a little more carefully. WOW! I found four Andrew Lang Fairy Books, Grimm's Fairy Tales illustrated by Wanda Gag, a couple of Myths for Children books, Cleopatra's Egypt, Games from Bible Times, Atlas of the Bible Lands, Sing in Praise (stories behind the hymns), and The Woman and the Egg. All of these books are in excellent condition and all for $1.20. Yes the decimal is in the right place!
My next bargain bonanza took place at Goodwill. Here I came home with books, videos, and a CD-ROM. Included in the stash are basal readers, a social study text covering topics I wanted to cover in the fall, some stories including a favorite author Bill Peet, a Newberry, and Falling Up by Shel Silverstein. I also found two additions to the Nature's Children series I found at Goodwill years ago when I was still teaching school. The videos a Rabbit Ear version of Jack and the Bean Stalk and Tubby the Tuba for our orchestra study. Finally I found a copy of How Things Work CD-ROM. All for less than $25.

Though I won't be using all of these in the fall, they were too cheap to pass up. I plan on using Story of the World for first grade so the myth, Egypt, and bible titles will be well used. Well, I am off to organize my finds.

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playingschool said...

What fun! I haven't thought of trying Goodwill. Enjoy the books!