Friday, April 27, 2007

High End Bird House

We woke up yesterday to find that the sparrows turned our grill into a home... Overnight. And to those who think, "Naw they couldn't do that overnight". They did it again by this morning!


elementaryhistoryteacher said...

THAT is really facinating. They are determined that your grill will be their new home.

Thanks for linking to me. I'll do the same very soon. I can't wait to watch and read about your adventure rgarding being a teacher of one. I homeschooled my son for a time.

teacher of one said...

Thanks for Commenting!
Wow, is there anyway to frame my first comment as one would their first dollar. LOL

A Dusty Frame said...

WOW goofy birds;)
Thanks for linking to me:)


playingschool said...

That is so neat! I can't imgaine how they would get that much done that quickly!!!