Thursday, August 23, 2007

Week Two Math

We started our Math U See lessons this week. They are going really well. The topic is place value... we build , write and read numbers. If you are not familiar with MUS it is a mastery approach rather than a spiral approach to math. So rather than touching on a topic now and moving on to eventually touch on it again, students work on one topic until they master it. By their definition of mastery... able to do the problems independently and correctly, and teach the concept to someone else... we could be done with place value but I think we will stay with it another week to try to work on fitting one and two digit numbers into the Hundreds, Tens, & Units diagram and transference of knowledge. Oh, by the way, the one G is teaching back to isn't me... it's SuperRock pictured there is the bottom corner.
We also started graphing objects this week. G is good at more/ less and sorting. I just need to remember to keep my skill levels on his level and not my old teaching level. It can be tough to be a Kindergarten teacher after teaching 2nd grade and up for so many years.

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Brenda said...

I love super rock! That's a really good idea to have him teach to something else. I never even thought of that.