Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We really thought that EPCOT would be overall, boring for G but we were wrong! They have added Kidcot, hands-on tables, that are geared for elementary kids and a lot of fun. It is like a learning scavenger hunt. We learned about the Venus Flytrap, Car Design, The Food Pyramid, Sound, & Sea Life. You can do a similar hunt through the World Showcase where you decorate a mask then collect trinkets from each county. G was too tired by the time we got to that task... so next time.

Kidcot station one- Venus Flytrap

Car Design

G really enjoyed the boat ride through the experimental greenhouses. We had just seen the Mickey pumpkins on TV before we left home and it was exciting to see them growing on our trip. These pumpkins are growing without dirt, hydroponics.

We went into this little building, outside the Kodak building, with signs "Meet Figment", Kodaks Purple Dragon. When we got inside there was no dragon but fun house mirrors surrounded by wonderful inspirational messages and ideas! I think it was more for me than G because I struggle with focusing too heavily on academics in our classroom and the main reason I homeschool is so he doesn't loose his creativity and excitement. I need to make a poster size print of this for our classroom.

Kodak asks... What if pictures could talk? As you step on each photo it plays the sound you might associate with it. G had fun and ran off some steam.

There are computers and video games all over EPCOT for children to explore. This one is about ants.

EPCOT is a haven of photo opportunities... here are a few of our favorites.

In Norway

In Bruce

In Bliss

My personal highlight was getting to ride/ drive a Segway! I have always wanted to ride one and you can in Innovations East.

What a wonderful Day!

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Looks like so much fun!!! Maybe, someday I can go... Thanks for sharing about it!