Saturday, February 16, 2008

Week in Review: February 11, 2008

We have had a very productive week here at the Academy.

Handwriting: G is working on writing between the lines. He is doing really well!

Math: We explored Greg Tang's Grapes of Math
G counted however he wanted to solve the problem. I tried to follow the texts directions. It was fun to see the alternative ways to come to the solution.

Reading: We quickly went through the remaining consonant blend lessons in our Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. We had been working on this skill in our outside reading and life so we breezed through the formal 5 or 6 lessons. We also learned about adding (s) to words {kid/ kids, ask/ asks}. It was fun to listen to him explain to Nana that when there is an (s) there is more than one. Also, we started digraphs- (ng).

G also finished 6 books this week. He has to read Bob-type books aloud, 5 times then he earns a sticker for each book. When he meets his goal he gets a new Leapster game. He gets really confident with them by the 5th reading and starts adding sound effects and actions to the stories... which they desperately need.

Inspiration: My friend Dana over at School for Us is going to track the Iditarod. I always wanted to do this when I taught PS but never had the time. Go figure. Well we are going to do it now! It was an easy sell for G as we just watched Snow Buddies last week and he dreams of mushing now. While I plan on doing a post just on the Iditarod, here is where you can read about the mushers and Martin Zoo has done all the lesson leg work for us. Thanks Dana!!! And Thank you Martin Zoo!!!!

Extras: G had a Valentine's Party at Storytime at the Library and we had to miss Gymnastics this week because of the Winter Snow Storm. I am really jealous of those who have green trees and sprouting seeds! You know who you are!

On Hold: Our Iditarod fascination took over where we normally read A Children's Book of Heroes. I hope to add it back in next week even though we will be doing a lot of sled dog study. So far, We have learned that heroes have the following Qualities:
  • Use their brains
  • Self Control
  • Courage & Determination
  • Faith
  • Doing right even when tempted to do otherwise
  • Do small ,good deeds
  • Persevere
Whew! Busy Week.

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Sherri said...

It looks like you had a great week. I love to see what other's weeks look like!!