Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lessons from the Ocean: chapter 2

I mentioned the other day that we were blessed to be able to watch the excavation of a couple of sea turtle nests. Well today, G and Daddy went for a walk a little farther down than normal and came across another set of Mote Volunteers. Again G was able to help dig the nest and this time inside was a LIVE baby turtle!!! So G got to watch (escort) the turtle make his way to the ocean to start it's life. If we can get the video off of Daddy's phone I'll post it.
  • Sea turtles return to start laying eggs after about 20 years
  • They will return to within 1/16th of a mile from where they were born

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School for Us said...

How neat! I'm so amazed! You guys are so lucky! Thanks for sharing with us.