Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teacher of One: Defender of Sea Life

Oh my goodness... I just saved a baby octopus! We were walking down the shoreline when I saw what I thought was a baby Ghost crab which G has been chasing. When I leaned over to look closer I saw it's tiny, translucent tentacles flailing around. Talk about a rush. I picked it up and it writhed all around so we really couldn't get a long look at it. I walked out into the surf and set him free. G said "Wow you didn't even mind getting your pants wet."

Below is not "my" octopus but I put this up to show you the approximate size. Mine had a yellow bell and clear body and tentacles.


School for Us said...

That's incredible!!! Did you also get to see the turtles again?(I'm so jealous!) :-)

Makita said...

Wow!!! Very cool! When I was taking an Invert Zoology course a few years ago, I came across a mass of squid egg cases that had washed ashore. I brought them into the lab and we were able to observe the development closely! What a cool experience! :D