Saturday, December 6, 2008

Animal Zoo

To review vertebrates and invertebrates G is creating a zoo out of Model Magic. He is going through each class of animal in the National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia and choosing one animal to recreate. Here is what he has made so far...

Arachnids- Crab Spider

Reptile- Cobra

Amphibian- Texas Blind Salamander

Fish- Ocean Sunfish


School for Us said...

The zoo creatures are WONDERFUL!!! We're talking about salamanders this week, and I'm going to have to share this photo. it's great!!!

onemoreround said...

I just found your site while searching for information on using the Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading. It appears that you and I are following a similar curriculum for our boys. Perhaps you could answer a question for me about the OPG. My son is doing well with the lessons in OPG but I feel he needs more sight words integrated into the lessons to be able to read many of the level 1-2 books from the library-he gets discouraged. I hesitate to do this because he picked up whole word/sight word reading in p.s. and would rather guess words than spend time sounding out. Although I see the rationale to both methods. Do have any advice?

Teacher of One said...

I am so glad you found me! I decided to add the Dolch list to G's study because there are so few interesting beginning readers that are purely phonetic. If your not familiar with Dolch lists... they are the 200 most common words used in Children's literature written pre-primer to 3rd grade. That along with the phonics from OPGTR has increased G's reading ability by leaps and bounds.

If he guesses words I either ask him if that made sense or say uh-uh and he tries again. If it is a longer word I cover syllables with my finger so he has to wait for the rest rather than say the beginning and guess the end. I have an entry on dolch lists here somewhere.

skinh said...

Thank you for your response to my earlier comment. I printed out the Dolch list and it is exactly what we need.

Sherri said...

Wow, those creations look great! Our kids love model magic. I just want to save everything that make with it!!!