Thursday, March 26, 2009

Start the Shopping Season!

Used Curriculum Fairs are starting to pop up. WooHoo! I went to a small but quality one this past Saturday. I found nothing on my list but many things that I could use and at AMAZING prices. I spent $16! $5 of that was for a copy of The Prairie Primer for a friend. So I really spent $11.

Here is my stash....
Draw Write Now- 1,6 & 7 (each $2 or less)
Draw Write Now notebook (free)
Masterpiece of the Month ($1)
Upper and Lower case Letter Tiles ($2)
Potholder Loom & Tub of loops (.50!)
Phonics Workbook ($1)
Streams of Civilization ($2)

Usually there is a Free table... YeeHa
Free, did I tell you free???!
Like New! Beechick 3R's series
Amvet Flag Etiquette book
How Plants Grow
Art Folder

The botany book was written by a Professor at Harvard and published in 1858.
The illustrations are beautiful woodcuts, simply gorgeous.

I hope you find some goodies this spring too. I'd love to see them.

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