Monday, April 13, 2009

Art History: Artist's Eyes

I am teaching a five week hands on Art History class for our Coop. I promised one of my virtual friends that I would share these lessons here. I hope you enjoy them!

Lesson 1- Artist's Eyes

Art is a personal thing to the artist who is creating it. They are placing a piece of themselves into their work. So whether we love, hate it, or a totally baffled by it; you need to realize how personal it is.

Every artist is different so even if they capture the same subject in their work the finished project will be different.


Similar but Different
*Discussed how the children were similar (age, homeschool, geography...)
*Then gave each child identical papers and choice of identical drawing materials and had them draw the following: Blue Bird, Red Heart, Yellow Smiley Face, Green Circle, Brown Rectangle, Purple Triangle.
*Then with their drawings, we stood in a circle and held our drawings; Why are they different?
We had the same instructions, materials...

Artist's Eyes

*Just like our drawings were different, artist can create pieces about identical subjects but they will be different. We discussed similarities and differences in the works themed Madonna & Child and The Good Samaritan. (Not all of these images are identical to my posters but very similar.)

The Art Lesson by Tomie DePaola
*To prepare the kids for the fact that we will be making works inspired by Famous Artists and not just whatever they want and that this is a way of learning art, I read them the Art Lesson.

Name Plates
I will be keeping one piece each week to display at our end of the year concert so I let the kids decorate a name plate for my portfolio... any way they wanted.

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jennybell said...

Thank you for posting your art lessons. I have been thinking about having an art camp one week for my son and a few of his friends this summer, and so this is very helpful in sparking ideas for this.