Wednesday, July 29, 2009

China Leaning Kit from CHINA

China Learning Kit
A few months ago Jimmie blogged about a fellow mom in China who was creating a business by selling China learning kits. I jumped at the chance to receive one of these kits because I am a tactile person and I love being able to see and touch real objects. I was not disappointed.

The kits are $13 and include 10 objects and an identification pamphlet. It took about 25 days for the package to arrive. The stamps and writing on the envelope were just as exciting as the items inside.

G looking at the package, trying to figure out where it is from.

Paper Lantern

Red Money Pouch

The entire kit


Jimmie said...

I'm so glad you liked it! And you took some adorable pics!

School for Us said...

We got one, too! We're looking forward to using it this year. :-)

Makita said...

I ordered one as well - but am saving it for DDs birthday next month! Everything is so beautiful! :D