Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Year: 2nd Grade

SECOND GRADE!! When did that happen? Ugh

I am looking at this year with different eyes because I taught 2nd grade for 5 years before G was born. I know what 2nd grade looks like in public school both urban & rural. When I look at G and think about my past students, he is ahead in many areas and behind in others. This discrepancy has more to do with my philosophy path rather than G's abilities. I follow more of the Well Trained Mind/ Classical path which in my interpretation focus more on math and reading up until now (actually even until next year) rather than spelling & writing. G's reading is right on track if not a grade or so above. We will be spending the year studying multiplication. But he's never had a spelling test or written a prescribed story. He has written me notes while I am talking on the phone and I have been pretty impressed with his sound spelling. So as I plan this coming year I have to remember to stick to my plan, which I've been really happy with, and keep off my dusty public school glasses.

This year I have new goals in mind for both of us. For me, plan more hands on activities. I did too much oral work, lets get it done so we can move on last year. We are studying Medieval History and Earth Science think of all the cool things we could do! I want to do them! I also want to go on more field trips.... maybe one a month. For G, I want him to learn to enjoy reading for pleasure, write letters to his best friends who moved away and begin to complete some assignments without me sitting right next to him. If we can progress in these areas we will have a great year.

Our Curriculum includes:
Story of the World 2 with picture notebook for narration
I also bought loads of literature to support this
Explode the Code 3-5
Math U See Beta (6 weeks) & Gamma
Draw Write Now
Language Lessons for the Very Young & Elementary Child
Earth Science (Earth 18 wks, Space 18 wks)
I will make up my own lessons from library & classroom resources.

On the shelf if we need it (have I mentioned I LOVE Paperback Swap):
Natural Speller
Sequential Spelling
Minimus Latin
Writing Strands 1 & 2
Four Square Writing

University Homeschool Music & Gym classes
Piano lessons
Homeschool Children's Choir
Library Club

Online Resources & Supplements
Book Adventures
e- Learning
Leon's Math Dojo
Sheppard Math Games
IXL Math
Enchanted Learning

Whew... I'm tired already... giggle


PisecoMom said...

Looks great... and a little familiar! :D I think it's so cool that our boys are doing such similar things.

How did I not know about Leon's Math Dojo? THANKS for sharing that link... JediBoy will love it!

School for Us said...

I can't believe he's going into 2nd grade!!! I think I've been following your blog since you started. My daughter will be in 4th GRADE!!!! and it boggles my mind.:-)

Looking forward to a great year!

Teacher of One said...

Piseco~ I thought about JediBoy when I linked it... math & karate how perfect! If I can get G to start reading books like MTH independently this year I will be so excited!

Dana~ I KNOW!! Alex was in K when I found you. Make it STOP. We keep saying we going to TX (Corpus Cristi)to visit family but something gets in the way. Someday I hope to meet you for real.