Friday, March 14, 2008

New Web Discovery

Have I told you about WOWIO? Wowio offers free books in PDF format. If you can get past the twaddle/ trash (which isn't hard) you will be rewarded with many gems. Classics... Twain, Shakespeare, Austen. Resources... Greek, Egypt, DaVinci. Did I mention it was FREE! You can download 3 books per day. I have used the Tools of Ancient Rome when I taught the mini lessons for our fieldtrip and have many other titles saved for the future. I was amazed when I saw that some of the titles I have downloaded were for sale in some homeschooling catalogs. WOOHOO!

Something I read at School for Us today led me somewhere else which finally landed me at a new gem called ARKive. It is a gorgeous database of images and movies of countless species. For example the Sri Lankan Frogmouth... cool! Watch the video the camouflage is spot on. This site will be so helpful when we study animals next year in science. I cannot wait to really explore it.


School for Us said...

I'm so glad my blog led you to that COOL find!!! I think frog mouth's are so incredibly... strange and funny! Thanks for sharing the link.

Makita said...

I love Wowio! It is a great discovery!

Another one you might investigate is Librivox, though these are audio downloads (for an mp3 player, etc.), not the text.