Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Learning Notes Week 11


Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
Jumpstart Pet Playground

Read Alouds
Bill Pete-

Encore for Eleanor
Cocka-Doodle Dudley
Jennifer & Josaphine
Emma and the Silk Train- Julie Lawson (beautiful & exciting!!)

Independent Reading
The Mole Sisters & The Moonlit Night- Roslyn Schwartza
The Mole Sisters & The Busy Bee
The Mole Sisters & The Wavy Wheat
The Mole Sisters & The Piece of Moss
Growing Vegetable Soup- Lois Ehlert

Baa Baa Black Sheep pt2

Brainish -3
Jumpstart Pet Playground
Math Blaster

Science- Invertebrates & Vertebrates
* Vertebrates
* Mammals

Social Studies- SOTW 1
Ch19 – Ancient China
Silk Worms
Mrs. Frizzle in Imperial China

Fieldtrip- History Train

* Pentascales
* C Position
* Quarter Rest

* This Old Man
* Over the River & Through the Woods
* Navajo Round

*Gathering items for police backpacks
*Food Drive posters

University Homeschool Classes
Music - Theme: Animals
Gym- Balance games

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