Friday, October 24, 2008

Learning Notes: Week 12


Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading: silent gh, kn

Read Aloud
Gilgamesh by Geraldine McCaughrean
The Long Silk Strand: A Grandmother's Legacy to Her Granddaughter
Beneath the Oceans

Independent Reading
Mrs. Broom
Minerva Louis and the Hat
Minerva Louis

Book Adventure

Junie B Jones and the Stinky Fish
Junie B Jones is not a Crook

Bow Wow said the dog

Work sheets -3, +5

Flashcards -3, +5

Timed test -3, +5

Video- Learning Subtraction

Dice War: I talked to Daddy about getting involved with G's fact mastery... Daddy is an engineer and likes games so I knew he would come up with something. He created dice wars. Each player gets 2 die and who ever rolls the highest total wins. Simple but FUN! Daddy has all kinds of die left over from his high school dungeon & dragon days so we have up to 20 sided dice to choose from.

Science- Invertebrates & Vertebrates
* Vertebrates
* Bird

Video- Eyewitness Birds, Bill Nye Human Body, Eye Witness Mammals

Social Studies- SOTW 1
Ch19 – Ancient Africa

*Audio, map, coloring
Video- African Tales, Anansi

* Pentascales
* C Position
* Review


* This Old Man
* Over the River & Through the Woods
* Navajo Round
* Jingle All the Way


Community Helpers- Police Officer

Food Drive

University Homeschool Classes
Music - Fall Theme
Gym- Paddle Work & Parachute

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