Friday, January 30, 2009

Flat G

Oh, I am soooo excited! I saw another Homeschooling Momma, Lydia, do this project a year or so ago and could not wait until we studied the Human Body so we could too. Instead of the trace your body on paper and fill it in method of organ study Litttle Blue School inspired us to make a fabric G and fill it in as you go, then you have a life size doll when your done. So here is where we are so far with the amazing help of Nana because I cannot sew. THANK YOU NANA!

1. We traces G's outline on paper and made a pattern. You could go straight to the fabric but if you buy a half yard to short you can decapitate the pattern and use a spare section.

Then Nana figured out all the details like 5/8 th seam allowance and an extra inch for stuffing.
Then she cut him out and sewed him up!! Leaving open a side for stuffing.

Now Lydia went ahead and stuffed her's and the kids decorated them with permanent markers. Me, I'm a little too type A for that with a 7 year old so we are using some of the things I have tucked away and never have a reason to use.... iron on transfers and fabric crayons. Both of these products have been sitting in a drawer for YEARS.
If you have not used fabric crayons they are so simple. Color on a sheet of paper, flip it over, iron. That is it. (Crayons are for blended fabrics not 100% cotton.) I printed off this hand from Discovery Education and we just traced it with the black crayon. I also cut off the thumb so it would fit better.

Also rather than drawing on a face I cropped and enlarged a good picture of G and printed it off on T-shirt Transfer paper. Then I trimmed it out and ironed it on.

I am very pleased with this so far!! I cannot wait to see it grow as our lessons progress.


Jimmie said...

This is a truly wonderful idea! Your son will treasure his human body doll!

Summer Fae said...

What a great idea! I love this.

Teacher of One said...

You'll have to go over to Little Blue School and see where the idea came from. She has so many great lessons!