Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learing Notes- Jan 12, 2009

We added back all subjects this week as well as Library and Piano Lessons. And G turned 7!!!

Math- minus 7
Brainish dot com- 5 pages
Time Test- -6, -7 (only 2 left!!!!!)

Phonics-Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading lessons 171-177 (r controlled)
Book Adventure- George Shrinks
Read Aloud- Commander Toad Series and Tales from the Odyssey

History- Greece
Story of the World Audio- Homer, Ch 19, 20
Video- Hercules Cartoon
Audio- The Odyssey told by Odds Bodkin
Read Aloud- Max & Ruby: Midas, Hercules' 12 Labors
Maps- Chapters 19 , 20

Science- Human Body
Worksheets- Measuring Me, Myself & I (5)
Video - Bill Nye the Science Guy: Human Body

Mezzo Piano

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