Monday, January 26, 2009

Learning Notes: Jan 19, 2009

G with President Obama.

Math- minus 8
Brainish dot com- 5 pages
Time Test -8

Phonics-Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading lessons 178-182
Book Adventure- The Cat in the Hat, Hop on Pop
Read Aloud-Tales from the Odyssey

G went roller skating for the first time!

History- Greece
Story of the World Audio- Cyrus the Great ch 21
Audio- The Odyssey told by Odds Bodkin
Conquering Mesopotamia Game
Maps- Chapters 21

Science- Human Body: Skin
We lifted fingerprints with tape

Word of the Week- epidermis
Diagram parts
Craft- Skin- details to come...
Online- e-Learning for Kids: Skin, Acne

Mezzo Piano, stem placement

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