Friday, May 29, 2009

Art History- Alexander Calder

Our final Artist this session was Alexander Calder.
I read the kids the beautiful book, Sandy's Circus.
Then we looked at a gallery of his work... it was very inspiring
and needed no instruction or motivation from me.

I scattered the table with telephone wire, pipe cleaners, and foam shapes and they went at it. We ended up with several snakes and spiders but also some rabbits, designs, and mobiles.


Ander said...

I am a big fan of Calder's work. And I really like a lot of these images you've posted that I've not seen before. I've seen some really nice Alex Calder tapestries on the market. Thanks for this post!

School for Us said...

We've seen Calder's artwork at 2 of the museums we visit at least once a year. I wasn't familiar with this book, to thanks for telling us about it! I just requested it from the library. When we get it, we'll watch the video that you posted, read the book, and make some art. Thanks!!!