Sunday, October 28, 2007

45 Days: A Review

Well, it has been an interesting 45 days.
Here is a look at the original plan.
Here is the current plan.
LOL, no really my ideals of what school should be are out the window but my goals have not changed.
  • I want G to learn to read this year
  • I want him to learn formal math basics
  • I want him to love learning
Aside from my wants...
  • G is independently sounding out cvc words and with incentives, aka stickers for suprises, reading Bob books
  • G is grasping/ mastering place value, counting, story problems, and adding zero
  • G loves to think,explore,wonder, and plan
  • G feels music and really enjoys the FREE classes we found at the local university
  • G has taken an interest in coloring, something he used to avoid like the plague
I am really excited about his progress and mine. Finally I am starting to relax with the amount of material we are covering. There is no need to hurry through materials because we can still use them next year if we do not finish. I am more interested in mastery than exposure. I am working hard not to compare us with others using the same texts because I know our slow go will be less stressful on G and more likely ensure mastery so we don't have to learn it again down the road. It is hard to break my public school habits.

Ahead for Us: Continue with Reading and Math U See. Try to add hands on art and science to our week or at least month.

Side note: I just finished reading A Thomas Jefferson Education today, yes I read a book, and am going to reread A Well Trained Mind. I am curious how they can work together and how they may fit into OUR school.

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School for Us said...

What a great slide show! Your son looks so happy and like he's having so much fun. And, it is a great idea to focus more on mastery than exposure. And, keeping everything "fun" is so important, IMO. Enjoy your time together!