Saturday, October 20, 2007

Fishers Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Faire but it was a blistering 90+ degrees and miserable. Very little learning took place. Hopefully next year the weather will behave like October rather than July and we will be able to really soak in everything this amazing Faire has to offer.

The few things we did experience...
G was thrown in jail and had to sing to be released.

G was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I

G with some fellow Knights

Daddy was picked from the Audience to participate in the sword fighting comedy with Rogue Blades.

We did spend a long period of time in a warriors tent to get relief from the sun. G was very happy to just sit and watch him & his squire (son)play chess. While watching, we learned that there is a medieval version of chess which uses dice to determine your moves. We will be researching this later.

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