Friday, October 5, 2007

New Web Discovery

Have you discovered this site... Daily Lit?
I tried to find who lead me to it so I could link her description but between Bloglines and Carnival of Homeschooling I couldn't find it again. Anywho, It is an email service that sends you short, less than 5 minute, reads of copyright free books FREE (there are a few paid ones but I never saw one). For example I started The Adventures of Tom Sawyer last night, it is 90 parts. So part one came to my email, I read it, and if I wanted to read more I could have clicked send next installment now or since I didn't I waited until today for the next day for it to come automatically. So it could take me 12 weeks or less to read Tom Sawyer. I am sure that sounds like forever to some people but for me who NEVER reads for pleasure... I am so excited! There are 20 books listed in the Children's Category... Twain, Baum, Grimm, Carroll.. just to name a few. I am really excited to read everything in this section!

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nina said...

This sounds like something I could really use. It took me that long to read Wuthering Heights. :) Thanks!