Sunday, October 28, 2007

Keepers Award Ceremony

The first session of Keepers of the Faith has come to an end.
Much has been learned and taken to heart. Relationships have formed. It has been very exciting! The children spent the afternoon putting finishing touches on their final projects. Then they enjoyed refreshments & games before receiving their award badges.

G received badges in ....

  • identify the state tree & bird
  • use a compass
  • know safety guidelines
  • recognize and use basic tools
  • tool saftey
  • built a hat peg
  • built a weaving loom (for the girls next semester)
  • listen to 6 devotions on willingness
  • memorize Ecclesiastes 9:10
  • Practice willingness at home
  • define willingness

The girls received a badge for Scrapbooking rather than tools.
They created pages for the boys documenting the six weeks.
The group will meet again in March for Weather, Kites, and lots of fun!

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School for Us said...

We LOVED Keepers last year. Unfortunately, we weren't able to fit it in this fall, but I'm thinking about seeing if we can join again in the spring. I miss the activities and the friendships!