Sunday, October 28, 2007

NEST Videos

I have always been fascinated with the NEST videos since I was young and saw their infomercials on TV. I was even going to break down and purchase them last year at the Homeschooling Convention but they did not attend. How glad I am today! After a discussion with my friend, School for Us, she pointed me to Library and Educational Services. Wow! Rather than 20-30 dollars a piece for the DVD with a study guide, I got the VHS tapes for about $3 each. For 3 dollars I can make my own study guide. I could have purchased DVDs, which I really wanted, but I got a couple extra titles with the VHS set and saved 10 dollars. I will keep watching their supply because I really want the history and science ones too, which they are currently out of.

Update: I just found coloring and a few activity pages free here on the NEST site.

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School for Us said...

Glad you were able to grab them at this price. And, I love these videos, too!