Thursday, July 19, 2007


Up returning from a walk with his Nana, G showed me this wonderous picture he took of a Cicada emerging from it's exoskeleton. Wow... it was the first time for all three generations to see this!


playingschool said...

You are experiencing some wonderful nature finds. We've been inside too much this summer - because of the rain and mosquitos. However, our backyard has lots of toads and we've NEVER seen them before. Lots of mushrooms, too, which I plan on photographing and trying to identify soon. Thanks for the renewed inspiration!

Trivium Academy said...

Camille says, "I like what you found and I really, really, really like it. Cool photo!"

From the mouth of dd7.

I linked to it from our post about the exoskeleton.

The power of blogging! Love it!