Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Groups... virtual friends

Hi... I'm C... I am addicted to Yahoo Groups (and Bloglines).

Unless you're in need of an actual physical hug, I don't know how anyone could feel alone. There are a gazillion groups out there waiting to add you to their members list and virtually hold your hand through most any situation. No, now that may be a bit sarcastic but I think these groups are wonderful. One thing I was always blessed to have when teaching was to be surrounded by resourceful, creative co-workers that I could bounce ideas off of or careen useful information from and vice versa. I really miss that. You didn't feel like you were alone in a situation or inventing the wheel. That is something that every teacher needs whether you are teaching 1 or 30. Groups can be that sounding board for you... Give it a try if you haven't already.

I belong to way to many. Here is the List...

Basically Beechick
(2) Freecycle groups
Hogwarts Summer Correspondence School
Homeschooling Boys
Kindergarten at Home
Math U See
Story of the World Vol 1 Discussion
Well-Trained Mind Discussion
Well-Trained Mind--Secular
(7) Indiana/ Local Support Groups

Formerly on
Fly Lady
Several children's literature and lesson site

If you have never belonged to a group before make sure you click on daily digest when registering or you could litereally end up with HUNDREDS of emails each day. That is truely overwhelming and not helpful.

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nina said...

I have used Yahoo groups obsessively for adoption related information but have yet to get into Yahoo groups for homeschooling. I've signed up for a few but haven't gotten involved. You've sparked my interest. I might be in trouble now!