Thursday, July 12, 2007

The "New" Me

I saw this really cute avatarish picture at On Our Journey Westward and thought I'd try it. I love playing with this type of graphic... it's like the paper dolls I loved to play with as a little girl. The neat thing about these particular avatars is that you can animate them to dance and all sorts of funny things. I just wish I could have dressed the little boy too. But no all you could change was his skin color. G helped with my hair. I asked him if it looked like me and he said yes except for the hair... so I tried another style and called him back. He looked at it, then me, then it, then me and said yes that was more like my hair. Shuu.. .want to get it right! LOL So look in the sidebar to see G & me at the zoo.... one of our favorite places.

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