Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Identifying Trees

I LOVE HOMESCHOOLING! Oh I 'm sorry to yell but I am so excited. We spent two hours today in the park with our best friends and some new friends from our local support group. We (the mothers) spent the afternoon identifying trees while the kids drifted in and out. They explored everything. They especially enjoyed trying to catch minnows by hand in the creek. I am even more excited about what this year will bring!

Making Rubbings

The Wonderous Creek

Minnows! Minnows! Minnows!

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playingschool said...

I love it! I think we're going to have to head to the park and identify the tress. AFTER the mosquitos die down a bit. We've had an incredibly wet summer with tons of mosquitos. I love homeschooling, too!!!