Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Feeling Overwhelmed

I am really getting into the planning mode and it is starting to get overwhelming. It was the same with teaching public school... I'd start really gearing up in June and July so everything would be sorted out by August and the start of school. I am a planner and lesson planning is what I have missed most about my classroom. Only this time I am teaching a grade I have never taught - Kindergarten and I have no boundaries. Some people love new adventures... not I. Most would think no boundaries would be liberating but for me... I have too many ideas. I feel scattered. I have to stop myself and try to remember (and pray about) what is most important... what is my goal... Here's where I am so far.

Daily Lessons
Phonics Lessons-
Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Bob Books
Study Dog
Progressive Phonics
Read Alouds
Math U See Alpha

But not only could we do a multitude of activities at home but we could join even more outside the home. I don't see where people get the idea that these kids don't have opportunities to socialize... HA. I now know why there is a session at Convention called "If this is Homeschooling Why am I always in the Car". We could be gone somewhere EVERY day. I don't want to be going all of the time. This is my biggest stressor at the moment. How to balance home lessons with outside activities that are truly beneficial. He's 5... 5... 5...

I am trying to wrap my brain around all of this. I find myself asking... Am I am trying to compensate for G being an only? Am I making sure he has ample opportunity to be around others? Breath, pray, breath...

Here are the "optional" subjects and resources I have running ramped in my mind so far...
Occasional Lessons
Nursery Rhymes
Bible Verse
Personal Information
Probably child led
Social Studies
Community Helpers

Story of the Orchestra

Outside Activity Possibilities
YMCA Sports
Music Lessons
Keepers of the Faith
Homeschool Gym Class
Gymnastics Lessons
Learning Co-ops


Angela, MotherCrone said...

I think you have the beginnings of a great plan there, and the wisdom to see the trap of getting over involved before it happens. That is huge!

I do recommend hands on learning acitivities to go along with lessons. Little ones retain more if they have something concrete to relate their lesson to. Lots of crafts and projects help!

You are wise to not want to overschedule. I had a very strict rules for my kids all through elementary years. They each had one year long commitement (either youth group or scouts), and could have one other short term activity (usually YMCA sports or art class). Kids of that age need to grow up with the opportunity for play and develop interests.

You'll do fine!!

teacher of one said...

Mother Crone...
You said girlie & scout could have one other short term activity.
Was that per season or per year?

Thank you soo much for stopping by!

Angela, MotherCrone said...

That was a season by season call for us. They often did a sport in fall, an art activity in winter, and something else in spring. What I enjoyed about the YMCA was the short sessions 6-7 weeks) so it was never TOO much. Art classes were the same way.

When they were older and did sports with longer seasons (like four months of football or softball), we would take the next season off. We all welcomed the break after so many nights out!

I will note though, we never did much around the holidays, as there is so much to do then anyway!